Services & Pricing

Most UK recording studios charge VAT as an extra, have a shorter working day or rates that don't include a producer/engineer.

Puzzle Factory is different.

We even include free lunch with all full-day recording sessions and credit cards are accepted, with no fees for in-person payments.
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Per day

  • Recorded by Producer/engineer Dax Liniere
  • in the spacious and vibey Control Room 2
    and sun-lit Live Rooms A & B
    in a comfortable 10 hour day.
  • or
  • or
    £55/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • We occasionally offer discounted day rates for independent artists. Get in touch with your demos today.
  • ★ No hidden charges ★




  • Mixed by Producer/engineer Dax Liniere
  • with the latest processing and room acoustics that place Control Room One in the top 2% worldwide.
  • Punch, clarity, depth, and character
  • No maximum track count
  • No maximum revisions
    (subject to schedule)
  • £55/hr or £400 for a 10-hour Block.
    Unused Block time cheerfully refunded upon request.
  • Rate also applies to editing, tuning, and restoration.
  • ★ No hidden charges ★



Per mix

  • Your mixes at a commercial level
  • Includes DDP (for CD replication)
  • £40 extra for each additional deliverable (vinyl, etc.)
  • £20 extra for MixDirection - Dax will review your mix and make recommendations for changes that would result in a more professional, balanced sound.
  • ★ No hidden charges ★




  • Hire Control Room 2
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  • Live Room A
  • Live Room B
  • All equipment
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  • Assistant to your engineer
  • £250/half-day
  • ★ No hidden charges ★