We have a wide range of vintage and modern equipment available in Control Room Two, including our prized Soundcraft 8000 recording console which has been freshly refurbished and tests as good as the day it left the factory; Warm, clear and punchy.

Console and Monitoring
►Duntech Marquis full-range monitors
►Hedback Designed Acoustics rooms

►Soundcraft 8000 analog console with 24 mic inputs and 4-band parametric EQs per channel
Boutique preamps
Atlas Pro Audio JT-676 Juggernaut Twin (2 ch)
►Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Edition (2 ch)
►Great River MP-2NV (2 ch)
►Daking (Trident) Mic Pre IV (4 ch)
►Pendulum Audio MDP-1 (valve, 2 ch)
►SPL GoldMike 9844 (valve, 2 ch)
►ART PRO-MPA II (valve, modified, 2 ch)

Total: 40 channels of mic preamps
►Soundelux (David Bock) M251 (valve)
►2x Audio-Technica AT-4050
►Audio-Technica AT-4047
►Beyerdynamic MC740N
►2x Townsend Labs Sphere L22
►Avantone BV-200 (valve)
►iSK TRM-11 (modified, valve)
►4x Audio-Technica ATM-450
►2x DPA 4099
►Shure SM7b
►Shure Beta 52
►AKG D112
►Sennheiser MD211
►Crown PZM
►Various DDrum triggers and trick mics
Interface and Conversion
►RME UFX with TotalMixFX, 30 channels I/O @ 48kHz
►dbx Quantum mastering ADDA (2 channels I/O)
►ADA8200 ADDA (16 channels I/O)
►Presonus HP6 headphone amp for 6 stereo headphone sends
Processing plugins
►FabFilter TotalBundle (all plugins)
►Eventide (all plugins inc Newfangled Audio)
►Soundtoys v5 (all plugins)
►Celemony Melodyne 4
►Empirical Labs Arousor
►iZotope RX Advanced
►Zynaptiq Unveil & Unfilter
►oeksound Soothe & Spiff
►Valhalla DSP (all plugins)
►Tokyo Dawn Labs (all plugins)
►Klanghelm (all plugins)
►u-he (all effects)
►Eareckon (all plugins)
►PSP Audioware
►Some Slate, some Waves
►Kurzweil SP2X 88-note fully-weighted, piano action MIDI master keyboard
►Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5 synth
►Over 40Gb of world-best piano libraries
►Many other software synths and real samples

A collectible hand-made Brady Fiberglass kit is also available for £50/day including hardware, without cymbals.
►22 x 18" bass drum
►8 x 6.5" tom
►10 x 7" tom
►12 x 9" tom
►16 x 16" tom
►14 x 6" Premier brass floating snare
►14 x 6" Custom birch ply snare
►12 x 5" Tama steel snare
* If there's a piece of gear you absolutely must have, we've built relationships with two of the UK's largest hire companies and can source everything from guitar and bass amps to drum kits and guitars of all vintages.
So whether it's a Marshall JCM-800, Ampeg SVT or Martin acoustic, just let us know what you're after and we can get a price for you.
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